Our Activities


NAWAMITA has put a heavy thrust in respect of importance on health sector since lack of proper health care facilities in our society has always been a matter of concern for us. Absence of adequate infrastructural facilities together with unhealthy economic conditions of majority of the people almost doubled their misery. The well to do people of the society do not find it difficult since they may afford to avail the facilities by virtue of their money power but the poor particularly from the remote and underprivileged villages are appeared to be the main victims of the situation. To counter such problems, following works have been undertaken by the Society under this sector



Education in the present day context is of utmost important in every sphere of our lives. Everybody needs to get educated specially those of illiterate adults so that they will understand the importance of education and should not deny their siblings from their right to get educated. Nawamita has stressed in spreading education among the poor and underprivileged section of population since one of the vital factors of poverty is lack in education. Keeping the same in view, we are trying to educate the people through formal and non formal sectors

Women Empowerment


This is a very crucial aspect for a society to grow and flourish. Unless the power and skill of a women are properly developed and utilized no society could succeed. However, it is a vast subject and a lot of efforts are given by all concerned in this respect. As a small organization we are trying to facilitate their development by undertaking some programs in a very low scale.

Organization of Vocational Training Program (VT)


job, in fact, is a utopia now a days and its scope is further decreasing due to advancement of technology. If the youths are not technically updated, jobs shall remain illusion. Therefore, our organization has laid utmost importance on skill development / enhancement of the youths so that they become presentable in the job market. In accordance with our objectives of providing capacity building and skill enhancement training for the poor and underprivileged women of the locality and the overall society we have organized different training programmes like Cutting Tailoring, Incense stick & Candle making, Handicraft products manufacturing towards their skill development and economic independence

Awareness Generation Programme


Nowadays common people of our society used to commit such mistakes which even they could not realize what they have done. This is not only because of their sheer ignorance but also due to a lot of carelessness on their part and there lies the importance of Awareness generation. Nawamita over the past years has been constantly involved in creating Awareness generation among common people on various subjects of importance like environment pollution, consumer welfare, prevention of child labour, renewable energy conservation etc. Our society also gives emphasis on awareness programme with a view to not only for women empowerment but also for male up gradation specially youth. The core team members of our organization are actively involved in this programme



As per our strenuous efforts in realizing the avowed objectives of our society after its empanelment with CSR Hubs we got involved in implementation of a CSR project under Better Vision Programme as a step towards promotion of CSR activity of M/S GKB OPTICALS which includes eye screening and distribution of free spectacles to the target group those who will require vision correction and those who could not afford to buy good quality spectacles.

Annual Games - Sports & Cultural Sector


We feel that sports and games help to build a society. A healthy mind within a healthy body makes a good human being. The physical fitness is one of the preconditions for becoming an ideal man. With a view to ensure this we used to organize Annual Games & Sports programme every year in collaboration with local clubs and schools in different parts of our project areas. In the programme various types of games and sports competitions had been organized. A lot of joy and enthusiasm had been observed among the participants .The dignitaries and other stake holders of the locality those were present had thoroughly enjoyed every events of the programme. Sports Materials along with refreshment and lunch have been provided to all the participants. At the end of the programme Prizes had been distributed to all the successful competitors

General Activities


Besides, all earlier mentioned enjoined activities some general activities are also being performed by the organization like – Providing Relief Materials to the persons with Disabilities (PWD): During the course of our activities with the persons with disabilities(PWD) and in order to fulfill our avowed mission to provide all kind of support and providing relief materials to the disables we are continuously providing relief materials to the disabled. Our objective is to extend our sympathy and fellow feelings towards them so that they should not feel depressed and isolated and can remain within the main stream of our society